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Terms & Conditions


Terms and Conditions for bookings at Abbeydale Sports and Community Centre

By booking a room or facility you are deemed to have accepted ALL the following terms and conditions.

Payment terms are as shown on the invoice. ALL bookings MUST be paid in full prior to use of the centre.

The maximum number of persons which is allowed in each room is as follows.

• Main Hall – 120, Lindsey Room – 40, Lounge – 70, The Tickner Studio – 35, The Gallery – 20

During the hire period, at their event, the hirer is responsible for ensuring that:

• no-one under 18 years of age consumes alcohol on the centre premises.

• only alcoholic drinks purchased at the bar are consumed on the premises.

Room booking times as shown on the invoice must be adhered to.
Equipment, catering and entertainment suppliers will not be admitted before the hire period and must remove all equipment by the end of the hire period.

Do not block fire exits, tamper with fire extinguishers or allow your guests to do so.

Smoking is not permitted in the building or at the main centre entrance.

Decorations. No Sellotape or sticky pads to be used. Please use blue tac on walls. Use pins on the designated display boards only.

Do not use electrical sockets within the centre to supply power to any outdoor equipment.

Children must always be supervised both inside and outside the centre.

The hirer is responsible for the condition of the booked room and must replace all furniture to the correct location. All rubbish to be bagged and left in the bins supplied. Cleaning kit is available. A charge of £50 will be made to the hirer if cleaning is not completed or the room(s) are not returned to the state before the booking commenced. The full cost of any damage to our facilities will also be charged to the hirer.

Please close all windows and switch off all lights after use. If you are in the building as a sole user, please secure the building as instructed when you leave.

Please take care of your clothing, personal effects and any valuables, as this is an open building and we cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage. In addition, no liability is accepted for personal injury or illness arising out of your event, except to the extent to which it may have occurred through the act, default or neglect of the Association, its servants or agents

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