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 Visit our family friendly Cafe Bar!

During the day, we offer a delicious range of baguettes, paninis, jacket potatoes, cakes and snacks along with freshly ground coffee from a local supplier and fruit infused teas. We have a tasty children’s menu available too!

Enjoy sporting events on our big screen, with free improved WiFi.

Opening times

Monday – 10.30am to 10pm (food from 11.00am until 7pm)

Tuesday – 10.30am to 8.00pm (food from 11.00am until 7pm)

Wednesday – 10.30am to 10pm (food from 11.00am until 7pm)

Thursday10.30am to 10pm (food from 11.00am until 7pm)

Friday – 10.30am to 10pm* (food from 11.00am until 7pm)

Saturday – 9am** to 10pm* (food from 9.00am until 7pm)

Sunday – 11.00am to 7pm (food from 11.00am until 6pm)

* Will remain open if business is there.

** Alcohol from 11.00am

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All profits from Phoenix Cafe Bar go to Abbeydale Community Association.

Our Menu

2 slices of buttered brown or white toast with butter £1.50
2 slices of buttered brown or white toast butter and preserves £2.15
2 fried eggs on toast (v) £3.00
Bacon or sausage bap £2.75
Egg Bap £2.50
Standard Breakfast (1 bacon rasher, 1 sausage, 1 fried egg, beans, tomato, hash brown and a round of buttered toast) £5.50
Large Breakfast (2 bacon rashers, 2 sausages, 2 fried eggs, beans, tomato, hash brown and a round of buttered toast) £8.50
Extra items £1.00






Baguettes & Paninis

Served with salad garnish and made to order.

Tuna, mayo and cucumber £4.65
Bacon, brie and cranberry £5.25
Cheese and Onion £4.50
Ham or cheese £4.50
Ham, cheese, and tomato £4.65
Tuna and Cheese Melt (Panini only) £4.60

Various filling combinations available
Selection of Sandwich Trays available with various fillings

Burgers & Mains
Beefburger and Chips £6.00
Cheeseburger and Chips £6.50
Chicken Burger and Chips £6.00 – add bacon for an additional £1.00
Halloumi Burger and Chips £6.30
Eggs (2) and Chips (v) £4.00
Ham, Eggs (2) Chips £5.30
Sausage (2) Egg and Chips £5.00
Ham, Tuna or Cheese Salad £5.25
Additional items £1.00


Jacket Potatoes

Served with salad garnish and made to order.

Plain with butter (v) £4.00
Add a filling – Tuna Mayo, Cheese, Bean Chilli or Beans and Cheese £1.00


Chips (v)  £3.00
Cheesy chips (v)  £3.95
Bean Chilli and Chips £3.95
Child’s Chips £2.30
Child’s Chips with Cheese £2.80
Baked Beans £0.50


Children's Menu


Child’s Lunch Box £3.75
Mac ‘n’ cheese (v) £3.75
Chicken nuggets (5) and chips £3.75
Cheese and Tomato Pizza and Chips (v) £3.75
Sausage (1) and Chips (v) £3.25
2 Fish fingers and Chips £3.75
Childs chips £2.30
Childs chips with cheese £2.80
Baked beans £0.50
Fruit Shoot £1.00
Milkshakes from £2.80


Cakes & Desserts

A variety of cakes and muffins are available. Please see display cabinet for options.

Various ice creams – please see freezer

Ice cream sundaes  £3.80



Regular Large
Espresso £2.80
Americano £2.80 £3.20
Cappuccino £3.00 £3.30
Latte £3.00 £3.30
Flat White £3.10
Mocha £3.40
Iced Coffee £3.00
Chai Latte £3.00
Babyccino £1.00
Extra Shot £1.00
Add a Syrup £1.00


English Breakfast Tea
(decaf available)
Mug £2.20
Pot for One £2.30
Pot for Two £3.40
Speciality Teas £2.30


Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate  £3.30
Speciality Chocolate £4.00



Various Milkshakes available from £2.80