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Visit our family friendly Cafe Bar!

During the day, we offer a delicious range of baguettes, paninis, jacket potatoes, cakes and snacks along with freshly ground coffee and fruit infused teas. We have a tasty Children’s Menu available too!

Enjoy sporting events on our big screen, with free WiFi.

Summer Opening times from Monday 18th July are:

Monday – 10am* to 10pm (food until 8pm)

Tuesday – 11am to 6pm (food until 4pm)

Wednesday – 10am* to 10pm (food until 8pm)

Thursday – 11am to 10pm (food until 8pm)

Friday – 10am* to 10pm (food until 8pm)

Saturday – 11am to 10pm (food until 8pm)

Sunday – 11am to 7pm (food until 5pm) unless demand remains beyond 7pm

*alcohol from 11am

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All profits from Phoenix Cafe Bar go to Abbeydale Community Association

Fresh food served daily

Enjoy BT Sports on the big screen

Free WiFi


2 slices of buttered brown or white toast £1.25 or £1.75 with Jam/marmalade

2 fried eggs on toast (v)  £2.50

Bacon or sausage or fried egg bap £2.50

Full English Breakfast (2 bacon rashers, 1 sausage, 1 fried egg, beans and a round of buttered toast) with mug of tea or coffee £6.00

Extra items 60p


Served with salad garnish and made to order.

Tuna, mayo (and cucumber) £4.00
Bacon, brie and cranberry £4.75
Brie and cranberry (v) £4.25
Cheese and onion (v) £3.50
Ham or cheese £3.50
Ham, cheese, & tomato £3.75
Prawn and Marie Rose Sauce £5.25
Bacon £4.00
Sausage £4.50

Various filling combinations available
Selection of Sandwich Trays available with various fillings


Served with salad garnish and made to order.

Cheese, ham, and tomato £4.00
Tuna and cheese melt £4.25
Classic ham and cheese £4.00
Bacon, brie and cranberry £4.75
Brie and cranberry (v) £4.25
Cheese and onion (v) £3.50


Toasted Sandwiches

Served with salad garnish and made to order.

Cheese & onion (v) £2.50
Cheese & tomato (v) £2.50
Ham and cheese £2.50

Various filling combinations available

Homemade Soup

Homemade soup of the day servered with a roll and butter £2.75

Burgers, Hot Dogs, & Mains

Burger (4oz) with babygem lettuce, relish, & cheese £4.00

Egg (2) & chips (v) £3.50

Egg (2) chips & beans (v) £3.95

 Sausage (2) chips & beans £4.25

Ham, egg (2) & chips £4.95

Additional items 60p

Jacket Potatoes

Served with salad garnish and made to order.

Tuna mayo £4.75
Cheese & beans (v) £4.50
Chilli £4.50
Plain (butter) (v) £4.00
Prawn & Marie Rose sauce £5.25

Add second filling for 60p


Chips (v) £3

Cheesy chips (v) £3.95


Made to Order:

Prawn and Marie Rose sauce £5.25

Tuna £4.75

Cheese (v) £4.75

Ham £4.75

Children's Menu


Pasta bolognaise £3.75
Mac ‘n’ cheese (v) £3.75
Chicken nuggets (5) and chips £3.75
Strips of fish and chips £3.75
Cheese & tomato pannini pizza (v)
– With chips &Fruit Shoot
Chips (v) £1.95
Cheesy chips (v)


Children’s Lunch Box



Cakes and Chocolate

Muffins £1.75

Selection of cakes from £2.50

Selection of chocolate bars from 50p

Schmoo Milk Shakes


Regular £2.00
Large    £2.50

  • Chocolate
  • Banana
  • Strawberry

add toppings for 50p


Ice Lollies and Ice Cream


Callipo Orange £1.10
Callipo Cola £1.10
Nestle Fruit Pastille £1.30
Magnum Double Caramel £2.00
Solero Exotic £1.50
Strawberry Cornetto £1.75
Children’s tub – vanilla 60p


Small Medium Large
Double Espresso £1.90
Americano £1.95 £2.20 £2.40
Cappuccino £2.15 £2.55 £2.65
Latte £2.15 £2.55 £2.65
Flat White £2.20 £2.40




English Breakfast Tea
(decaf available)

Mug £1.75
Pot for One £1.75
Pot for Two £2.75
Pot for Four £3.75


Infused Tea (Mug)
Earl Grey £1.95
Peppermint £1.95
Lemon & Ginger £1.95
Camomile £1.95
Green Tea £1.95
Red Fruits £1.95


Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate £2.80
(With cream and marshmallows £3.35)

Mocha £3.00


Speciality Drinks


Cinnamon Chai Steamer £2.50
Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut or Chai Latte £3.00
Honeycombe Latte topped with cream £3.20
Spiced Pumpkin Latte topped with cream £3.20
Cinnamon Latte topped with cream £3.20
Caramel Cappuccino £3.00
Gingerbread Mocha topped with cream £3.35
Hot Chocolate topped with cream and marshmallows  £3.35
Salted Caramel white  hot chocolate topped with cream £3.35
Black Forest hot chocolate topped with cream  £3.35


Liqueur Coffees


Floater Coffee, Americano and whipped cream (no alcohol) £3.00
Irish Coffee – with Jameson’s Whiskey  £4.95
Calypso Coffee – with Tia Maria £4.95
French Coffe – with Brandy  £4.95
Baileys Coffee £4.95